Dynomite Dynasaurs

The Dynomite Dynasaurs are Past Matrons who have served as Deputy Grand Matron to an Orange County Association Chapter, or who have served as a Deputy Grand Matron outside of Orange County, but who now resides within the county.

The purpose of the Dynomite Dynasaurs is to bring together Past Matrons who have served Grand Chapter as Deputy Grand Matrons for the opportunity of friendship, social enjoyment, and fun.

The Dynomite Dynasaurs meet approximately three to four times a year.

The Dynomite Dynasaurs maintain a funeral team to assist with funerals and memorials when asked by Orange County Association Chapters. This is mainly for out of the area courtesy funerals and memorials, however, if a Chapter needs fill-in help, the Dynomite Dynasaurs would be available.

For more information, please contact the President, Danna Willoughby, PGM.



President - Danna Willoughby, PGM

Secretary - Ele Hoover, PM

Treasurer - Janice Mullard, PM

Special Appointments:

Newsletter/Roster/Website - Sharon Jazwiecki, PM